Jun 22, 2014

A Regular Friday...

Jack & Jones

I love wearing Calvin's shirts and I steal them whenever I have the chance. On Friday morning I woke up in his apartment with a bit of a hangover. I had to go to work, but didn't feel like it at all. I much rather would have snuggled under the covers with my boyfriend for a few more hours, but instead my pounding head and I needed to be at work. Friday also is teenager day and this week we talked about the Last Apprentice series. We'll read the new book the coming week and after the summer they will all be back for another series.
I wore Calvin's shirt to work with a jegging and a belt and it actually looked pretty good. I think I need to borrow his wardrobe more often. He had to work as well, so we didn't have time to sleep in. That's something I kind of miss about us. There are no lazy days, but fortunately we've got enough compensation for it due to the many other happy moments in our relationship.
I went outside for lunch with Gina and Zoe on Friday afternoon. There's always a market in the streets and at the squares near the library at the end of the week. We usually buy something to eat, or rather lots of food and cookies, and then sit down to talk somewhere. That's so much fun it's becoming a regular thing. We giggle, gossip and laugh until we are completely out of breath. Even though Gina is a bit quiet lately she seems to enjoy herself very much in our company. My two friends have already promised me to do an extra special birthday lunch, so I won't be completely friendless on my big day next week. Calvin also has some plans, but I'm not supposed to know what they are yet. Things are looking brighter than they did a few days ago.

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