Jun 4, 2014

A regular day at work or not?

I was wearing this White Stuff petal dress to work yesterday. I thought it would be just a regular Tuesday, but somehow the entire day was crazy. First a little boy threw up all over the toys in the children's section. Then there was a confused old lady who didn't know where she was and couldn't remember where she lived. After a bit of effort we managed to find her address and contact information. A kind neighbor arrived at the library ten minutes later to pick her up. Next was a lady whose dog had chewed on her library books. They were all too damaged to repair. She has to contact her insurance to cover the costs. Last but not least there was a problem with a disheveled man who often reads the papers at one of the tables. He was drunk this time and he was obviously sad about something as he was crying. I felt really bad for him. I went to Zoe and asked her for some coffee to sober him up a little. He disturbed the other visitors, so I had to ask him to either calm down or leave. I also brought him a muffin and something funny to read. He was quiet after that and left sooner than he normally would.
 At the end of the day a man in a suit came in. He wanted to talk to Edward about donating some money to the library. Instead of talking to him on his own Edward asked me to join them. I was really nervous, but Edward did most of the talking to show me how to handle these things. In the end we were left with a sum of money that will allow us to buy a lot of new books and we can finally redecorate the children's section. Even though it was a messy and chaotic day I felt very much alive.


  1. Thanks so much! There's also a green one which is very nice as well...


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