Jun 12, 2014

A Quiet Tuesday at Work

I wore Dawns wonderful Edith & Ella silk dress to work on Tuesday. It wasn't such a busy day. Normally a lot of people come in to borrow books, but because of the warm weather there wasn't much to do. Edward even sent me to the staff room for an hour so I could work on my manuscript. It would have been so much better if we could have had an outside library event. Unfortunately we're not allowed to do just anything we want to. When I was talking about it with Edward, he say we might not be able to transport our books outside, but that we could have a mini summer market together with the book store and the art library. People always have books they want to get rid of so we want to organize a trade. We've asked the council for permission and are now waiting for them to say yes. I hope they do as it will make long, warm summer days busy instead of quiet. Books are meant to be read and who doesn't want a great, new summer read for a lazy day in the sun?

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