Jun 10, 2014

A perfect Sunday breakfast thanks to Jamie Oliver!

Lizzy is a big fan of Jamie Oliver. She's decided to be a vegetarian a few years ago. Becoming vegan is something that's been tempting her for a while now. That's why she decided to make this Victoria Sponge for breakfast. I like it that Jamie Oliver has so many great diet friendly recipes. I love cake and berries, so this breakfast was absolutely perfect!
Lizzy's engagement party will be in two weeks. Luke has officially asked for her hand and her parents have said yes. They're so happy that their daughter is getting married. When they've set the wedding date we'll have to start planning her hen night- or weekend. It's all so exciting! Of course I've got friends who are already married, but she will be the first one from our group. I wonder what kind of food she's going to serve. I bet it will be something delicious, but it must be adjusted according to her diet.
 Jenna's going to be a mother. The first child in our circle and maybe the leader of a new group of friends? It's too bad we can't share this with all five of us. I still update everyone regularly though and maybe one day they will start talking to each other again. A girl can hope...
 We spent hours looking through bridal magazines and baby books and I was exhausted when I came home. I don't know if I'll be ready for all that any time soon though, it sounds pretty scary. Fortunately Calvin is in no rush and we're enjoying the good moments we've got together. I'm not even sure how he feels about living together before marriage for example as we haven't talked about these things yet. I feel a bit like I have to, but it also might be good to discuss those important topics at some point.

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  1. That cake is gorgeous! Looks amazing!!!
    It's a fun time when your friends and family start getting married, having kids, etc. Once one person kicks it off, it seems to come in waves when suddenly, four or five of your friends are engaged and it happens again when people start having babies. It's super exciting.
    Don't rush it! Enjoy it! :)


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