Jun 17, 2014

A Family Sunday!

When I saw the name of this Library Lecture dress I just had to have it. On Sunday I normally meet my friends Jenna and Lizzy for breakfast, but this week we all went to our parents. It was a strange Father's Day for my dad, because I was on my own. Jason and Dawn both couldn't be there, but they donated money for the gift and they wrote a message that I copied on a card. I decided to make reservations for a special dinner for my father and mother. It isn't easy to buy gifts for my dad, because he doesn't have many wishes. I often ask him what he wants to have and his standard reply is that I don't have to buy him anything. That's why I usually give him something he can do, so he can make another good memory.
Because uncle Peter and aunt Giselle don't have children they came over too. Of course I bought uncle Peter a gift as well. Several different types of flowers for in his garden. He spends so much time there that it wasn't difficult to come up with something suitable for him. It was nice to see my uncle and aunt again and to have everyone's undivided attention. They listened to my stories, were very interested in my writing and they asked a lot of questions about Calvin. Everyone really likes him. I spent a lot of time with my mother and aunt in the kitchen. It was the perfect moment for baking and girl talk. I had a lovely Sunday and enjoyed spending time with my family very much.

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