Jun 14, 2014

A drink with Gina and some News...

I wore my gorgeous pink Joules dress on Thursday. I love pink and this dress had to be mine as soon as I spotted it. After work I went to a wine bar with Gina to have a drink and to talk about her new living situation. She's actually very happy in her new home. There was something going on between her and Trevor, but she doesn't want to talk about it much. I can see she's so relieved that she's left him. It was good to see my friend so happy. We just sat and talked for an hour and a half and I'd completely forgotten how fun and light Gina used to be. I should have been a better friend as I didn't notice it at all. Probably because it was a gradual thing, but I should have known better.

Author's note: next week I'm going to start writing my first long Librarian Lavender story. There's so much to tell about Gina that I can't do it on my blog alone. I will keep you posted about this project.

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