Jun 22, 2014

A Date with my Boyfriend!

Calvin always manages to surprise me. This time he was waiting for me on my sofa when I got home from work on Thursday. He was wearing a suit and asked me to put on my nicest dress. I chose this beautiful floral Equipment dress. I had no idea where we were going as he wouldn't tell me. Calvin drove out of the city and stopped at a small house in the countryside. He very gentlemanly opened my door to let me out of the car. Then he gave me his arm and accompanied me to the front of the house. He rang the doorbell and a man who wore an apron over an expensive blouse and trousers let us in. He told us to take a seat in the living room and then he hurried back to his kitchen. We joined six other people and one of them immediately filled two glasses with champagne and handed them to us. That was the moment when Calvin decided to tell me where we were.
The man in the apron is his friend Josh who is a business man by day who sometimes opens his house at night. People can make reservations for his famous table d'hote and that's exactly what Calvin did for us. We had dinner in the dining room and all sat at Josh's long table. He joined us as often as possible. His evenings aren't only about having a nice meal, he loves the company. Plus it's a very good way to meet people and to make new friends. This evening was for couples and we got along very well. 
Josh is the perfect host and I'm glad I've met him. He told me all kinds of childhood stories about Calvin. That was so sweet! They were clearly happy to see each other again. I still can't believe I knew so little about Calvin while we shared a home. Now he's making an effort to let me get to know him and I'm loving it. It was a wonderful evening and we all stayed until 2 am. I had such a hard time getting up on Friday morning. I managed to sleep for two whole hours and I had a little bit too much to drink, so my head was pounding.

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