May 14, 2014

THE talk with Gina

Already dressed up for my evening with Jada in a Reiss Baker tortoise shell print dress I went to our favorite coffee bar with Gina on Tuesday afternoon. We often have lunch together and usually we're having a great time, but yesterday things were different. I had to have a serious talk with my friend about Saturday night. It made me nervous and she'd seen it coming, so I guess she felt more or less the same way. 
The talk went something like this:

Me: Gina you can't hit on someone I'm going out with in front of me!
Gina: Why not, I didn't mean anything by it.
Me: Of course you did, you clearly liked Lester and you were all over each other. You didn't say a word to me the whole night and neither did he. I don't think you've even noticed anything that went on around you.
Gina: Nonsense, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Me: Gina, friends don't treat each other that way. You shouldn't have done that.
Gina: Yes, you're right, I know. I'm sorry. 

Of course that could have been the end of our talk, friends forgive each other right? It's not like I'm interested in Lester that way anymore anyway, because somewhere during the past couple of days I fell completely, head over heels, in love with Calvin. But that was not the end of my talk with Gina.

Me: Sweetie, what were you thinking, you're married.
Gina: It's not like I don't know that, but I like him and not a bit, but a lot.
Me: How did that happen? 
Gina: Lester is a regular customer of the art library and also of our recently opened gallery, so I've already met him before. There was some innocent flirting going on and there's certainly some chemistry between us, but at the party I realized I have feelings for him.
Me: Oh no! What are you going to do?
Gina: I have no idea, I love Trevor, but not like before and I like Lester a lot.
Me: I think Lester's feeling the same about you. I haven't heard from him since and he was all over you on Saturday. Be careful please. Don't do anything impulsive which might cost you your marriage if you're not completely sure.
Gina: Since Saturday Ive been a mess. Being interested in someone else already means something's not right between Trevor and me. We've had problems for a while now. He's the father of my girls and I want my marriage to work out, but should I stay with him only because of the girls?
Me: It's something only you can decide. I think your own happiness is important too. If you're feeling down all the time and there's a lot of tension at home that too isn't good for your girls. Why haven't you said anything before?
Gina: I didn't want to acknowledge it. Trevor and I have tried to talk about it, but every time we end up having a huge row.
Gina: I should also say something to Lester, he's sent me plenty of text messages and later today he'll be switching paintings again.
Me: I'm so sorry and I really hope you'll be able to work things out, either way. I'm here for you.

The air between us was cleared, but it wasn't a happy talk as you can see. I always thought that Gina and Trevor were meant to be, that their marriage would last forever. Now I'm not so sure anymore. Plus my best friend is lusting after someone I've exchanged quite a few intimate kisses with. That's weird. Gina will turn thirty next month. Does reaching that age actually change something? It seems like my friends have all been hit with some kind of changing their lives before it's too late virus.

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