May 24, 2014

The Spook's Alice by Joseph Delaney

A lot of dark stuff happened when I was young that I‘ve never even told to my dearest friend, Tom Ward. Dark and scary things I hoped I had left behind forever . . .

Over the years, Alice has fought evil side by side with the Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward. But now Alice is alone – in the realm of the dark. And the creatures she has helped to banish there, now have the chance to take their revenge. Alice must seek the final weapon needed to destroy the Fiend for good. If she fails, the world will fall into despair and darkness. If she succeeds, it means facing her own death at the hands of her dearest friend. But can she prevent the darkness from overtaking her over completely . . . ?

The penultimate instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles follows Alice, Thomas Ward’s loyal companion, to the most terrifying place of all.
I borrowed the summary from Joseph Delaney's website. Tom needs a weapon that has been hidden under the Feind's throne and Alice needs to enter the dark to retrieve it for him. When she's there she meets Thorne, Grimalkin's former trainee, who has been killed at the end of I am Grimalkin. Thorne offers to help Alice and together they're starting the difficult search. On their way they have to face many new and old enemies.
It was wonderful to read a Spook's book with Alice as the main character. I've always loved reading about her and this book was no disappointment. The story is about her quest in the dark, but part of it is also about her past. It was an interesting read with a lot of gore and gruesome monsters. I enjoyed this book immensely and am very curious to see how the story will continue.

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