May 16, 2014

The iTunes Cards

My aunt Giselle loves to send me small surprises and this week I received an envelope with an iTunes card and a request. This weekend she and uncle Peter are hosting a writing course again. Usually when she has an open space my aunt invites me so I can learn something, but this time she's asked me something different. The iTunes card was a bit of a bribe. During the event they won't have enough staff and they desperately need me to be there to help out. Of course I've said yes. I love spending a weekend at their bed and breakfast. 
Calvin saw the envelope when he was at my apartment yesterday and he offered to help out as well. He doesn't need anything in return, he only wants to have the chance to let people taste his coffees and teas. I don't think aunt Giselle could have been happier when I told her the good news. Now Calvin and I will be spending an entire weekend together. That's quite soon, but somehow it feels right. 
Of course I'll let you know what I've done with my iTunes money as soon as I've spent it. I don't think it's difficult to guess what I'll be spending it on, books of course!


  1. I love shopping on iTunes and will be posting some of my purchases during the next few days!


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