May 11, 2014

The Eurovision Song Contest Party

Edward and Victoria love the Eurovision Song Contest and they usually celebrate the evening of the event with a party. There were big screens on the wall where all the guests could watch the show and there was champagne and lots of finger food. I borrowed this Area Di Barbara Bologna stamp dress from Dawn. All the women wore long dresses and the men wore suits or tuxedos. It was quite a sight. I met Lester at the party, but we didn't go together as dates. That's why I brought Gina. I thought she could use a night out. Lester and Gina got along very well, a bit too well as they've talked to each other the whole time we were there. 
I danced with Edward and some of his friends and it's been a long time since I've had so much fun. I also danced with Lester and that was nice, but after Calvin's visit on Thursday I'm not really sure anymore and I became even less so because of his reaction to Gina. I loved all the songs and am a fan of the contest from now on. It's great to watch the results with a large group of people and we all cheered and hugged when our favorites received some points. It was such a successful party! I'm glad Gina enjoyed herself as well, but I think she and I need to have a serious talk as soon as possible.

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