May 26, 2014

The Daisy Picker by Roisin Meaney

Lizzie seems to have it all: loving parents, a nice creative sideline in mouth-watering cakes, and the most eligble man in Kilmorris waiting to marry her. But one day she stumbles across something that will change her life, and soon she's chucked a backpack into her car and set off into the Wild West - of Ireland, that is - in search of adventure.

She's in for a few surprises - there's sexy Pete for a start, a charming new home, true friendship and an offer that will make her sweet dreams a reality. She begins to think that things could hardly be more perfect.

And then she meets Joe, who's about to turn her life upside down…

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Lizzie has a comfortable life, living with her parents while waiting for her fiance, Tom, to finally marry her. When she has to wait for her dentist appointment she starts reading a magazine. She stumbles upon an article that changes her whole view on life. She decides to leave her job, say goodbye to her parents and she calls off her engagement. Lizzie drives along the coast and when she stops in Merway for the night she likes the town enough to stay. It is here that her life actually begins.
Lizzie wants to bake for a living and I loved the food talk in this book. The Daisy Picker is such a sweet story. I enjoyed reading it very much. Lizzie's 41 years old and she doesn't have much life experience. She's a very likable person, because she's kind and caring. This is a book about friendship and helping each other out. It's a simple and friendly story. The easy atmosphere made it such a wonderful read.

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