May 6, 2014

Tea with Rian?

I dressed extra carefully in this Nougat London Violette Print Shirt Dress. I got this one from Dawn's closet as well. I borrowed it especially for this day. How bad is it that I wanted to look my very best on a normal school day? Even though I'd seen Rian at the wine tasting, or maybe because of that, things were very uneasy. The classes are pretty small and every two hours we have another teacher. There are twenty students divided in five groups. We have to do assignments at the end of the day which Rian has to supervise. He tried to avoid me in class as much as possible. At the end of the two hours he asked me to go out for tea though. I thought about saying no for a second, but then decided to go anyway, so we could have that much needed talk. 
At first he asked me because I needed some comfort because of Ben, but why he continued to do so I didn't know. It took a bit of effort, but in the end I got it out of him. He just wanted to be friendly at first, but then his wife left him for his brother and he could use a shoulder to cry on himself. He tried to tell me last week when we were standing outside, but then Calvin messed things up. The wine event was meant to give him some distraction, so he didn't want to think about it then. After my Saturday evening with Lester I'm glad that Rian just wants to be friends and I very much would like to listen to him and help him through this difficult time. We've agreed to drink tea together every Monday from now on. Plus he can always call me or send me a text whenever he needs me. I gave him a hug and that was it. No weird feelings between us anymore. He's too damaged to date anyone for a very long time, but secretly I still think he's yummy.

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