May 26, 2014

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Because we can't be together on Friday evenings anymore I'm now having regular Sunday morning breakfasts with Lizzy and Jenna. This time we met at Jenna's place. Calvin usually works on Sundays, so after staying the night at my place we both went our separate ways in the morning. Jenna made these fantastic German apple pancakes using a Williams-Sonoma recipe. She also ordered some of their fantastic cake supplies and is very much in love with them.
As I didn't know exactly what has happened between my friends I now heard their version. When they were hanging out with the four of them the atmosphere was tense and after a while Louise couldn't take it anymore and she snapped. Naomi and Louise are angry because they weren't supportive enough. They didn't call, they never offered any help and they kept ignoring the whole Garry situation. Unfortunately we all know Louise and Naomi are right. Jenna and Lizzy are feeling very sorry. They didn't know what to do, especially not after being so mean to Naomi when they thought she'd wrecked Louise's relationship, so they did nothing. They want things to be right again, but how can you undo something as big as that? I agree with Naomi and Louise and think they deserved something better. Still, I want to remain friends with Jenna and Lizzy very much and nobody seems to mind that I want to keep seeing all four of them.
We gave each other an update about our lives and our boyfriends and we kept the rest of our get together light and fun. They aren't surprised that things are going so well between Calvin and me. Apparently there always has been a noticeable chemistry between us. Dan has moved into Jenna's apartment, but we didn't get to see him, because he was filming somewhere. His stuff is all there though, so I could clearly notice his presence. Lizzy brought the invite to her engagement party. I can't believe she'll be getting married in a few months! I'm going to be a maid of honor together with Jenna. She's officially asked us and I'm so excited!


  1. That looks DELICIOUS! I'm now wanting to go to the coffee shop to get a pastry of some sort. YUM.


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