May 27, 2014

Sunday Evening Lounging

Because of Calvin I've started to relax a little bit more. He loves to spend time at home just talking and cuddling. When he was done working on Sunday he brought a bottle of bubbles and some left over food to my place. We bought put on something comfortable and I chose to wear those cheerful yellow joggers from Lipsy. Even if I'm lounging on my own sofa I want to wear something nice.
I'm finally learning more about Calvin and his life. He's actually a sensitive guy who cares about other people a lot. He wants to introduce me to his friends which is a big deal for him. I'm nervous already and hope they will like me. He's already told me so much about them. Calvin has three very good friends. I've learned that he doesn't let people come close very easily. It takes time for him to let someone in. He's outgoing, but that doesn't mean everybody is his friend.

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