May 13, 2014

School and...

I wore this wonderful Tory Burch dress to school today as it was presentation time again. Even though I often read to a large group of people, on Fridays even to several easily bored teenagers, whenever I have to do the same for a grade it changes everything. I hate that about public speaking, the nerves, which are fluttering with their little razors in my stomach. I only want to have those other butterflies, the good kind. I managed to get through in one piece though and that was my last presentation for the semester. I make sure I'm always first in line, so the horror will be over as soon as possible.
I celebrated with having a hot chocolate instead of tea when I had my weekly chat with Rian. This time it was much more comfortable and easy. He told me about his love life, I told him about mine. We both laughed and he also cried. I felt really sorry for him. I ended up ordering two huge pieces of strawberry pie with vanilla ice cream for comfort. It helped, of course, who can resist something that delicious? Rian's such a kind man and I hope someone will make him very happy in the future. 


  1. Librarian Lavender, what a fun and intriguing concept! Fun to read.

  2. Thank you very much for the compliment!

  3. Its really good dress for school uniform o love your uniform designee thanks for share it resumes that get you hired .


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