May 26, 2014

Saturday Night Dinner!

On Saturday night we finally had a family dinner again. Since Jason and Sandy have started their big trip we haven't been together anymore. Calvin was invited too and because of Seth we decided to go to Dawn's place. That way he could join us as long as he was able to. Of course I was allowed to shop in Dawn's closet for something to wear. I chose this floral Max Mara Weekend dress, because I really like the colors!
I won't allow Dawn to help when I'm at her place on a Saturday. While she chatted with my father, my mother, Calvin and I prepared dinner. My parents have met Calvin only once while we were roommates. He used to work nights and weekends and I already worked during the day, so we hardly ever met each other's guests. Fortunately so far everyone seems to like him. It was an easy and enjoyable night. Very different from my normal Saturday evenings, but I didn't mind that at all.

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