May 22, 2014

Romance on a Wednesday Evening

Converse Sneakers

I'm a romantic person. I love candlelit dinners, I like flowers, champagne makes me happy and nothing beats a weekend in the countryside. Romance isn't only in the big things though, it's the everyday small things that matter the most. That's why I put a little note with a home made friendship bracelet in Calvin's pocket on Tuesday evening. He noticed it as soon as he got home. I know Calvin likes those things and I want to make him happy. With Ben I couldn't be so spontaneous, because I never had any idea how he would take it, but with Calvin I can do whatever I like.
 I wanted to see where he lives, so yesterday evening I finally went there. He has a small two bedroom apartment with a tiny kitchen and bathroom. Everything is blue and white and it was very clean and neat. I immediately liked the atmosphere and I felt completely at home.
 Calvin had some left overs from the restaurant, so he didn't have to cook and when we started kissing we soon forgot about everything around us anyway. He asked me to stay the night, but I didn't bring any spare clothes. Calvin had a surprise for me too though, because he had bought an outfit including shoes for me. The idea came when he found the sneakers. Then he shopped at Asos for the skirt and the boyfriend shirt. He made me feel so loved and wanted with this gesture.


  1. Wow, sounds like a beautiful night ;)
    I luuuurve those Converse, fabulous taste! He's a keeper. I'll have to Google those and see where I can find a pair.
    Totally adorbs!

  2. It really was, I can't believe my luck that I have such a sweet boyfriend! I always post a link where you can find the items I'm writing about on my site, but I don't know if you wouldn't find a cheaper version closer to home...


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