May 23, 2014

Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice

Pobby and Dingan live in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, the opal capital of Australia. They are friends with Kellyanne Williamson, the daughter of a miner: indeed only she can see them. Pobby and Dingan are imaginary. Ashmol Williamson, Kellyanne's brother thinks his sister should grow up and stop being such a fruit loop - until the day when Pobby and Dingan disappear. As Kellyanne, grief-stricken, begins to fade away, Ashmol recruits the whole town in the search for Pobby and Dingan. In the end, however, he discovers that only he can find them, and he can only find them if he too begins to believe they are real.
I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Kellyanne has two very dear friends. Their names are Pobby and Dingan and they are wherever she is. They are imaginary friends, but everybody around her seems to believe in them. Only her brother Ashmol doesn't. When Kellyanne leaves Pobby and Dingan in the care of her father one day they disappear. Without her friends by her side she's becoming very ill. To save his sister Ashmol tries to find Pobby and Dingan, but to be able to do that he has to believe they're real.
Pobby and Dingan isn't a very long story, but it's a beautiful tale about love and family. Kellyanne and Ashmol are great children. The story is unusual and original and I read it in one go. I wanted to know if Ashmol would be able to find Pobby and Dingan again. The bond between the brother and his sister is the main strength of this book. I really liked this sad and impressive story.

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