May 30, 2014

Packing with Gina and the Twins

I finally had the chance to wear my [BLANKNYC] all over it overall. On Wednesday evening I helped Gina and the twins with their packing. I also made dinner for the four of us, so they could continue putting their things into boxes. The atmosphere was really weird as my friend was very happy and Brenda and Audrey don't know what's happening yet. They see it as a sleepover and have no idea their mommy and daddy don't want to live together anymore. It breaks my heart to see that. There was music, dancing and singing, it's like my friend doesn't see the seriousness of her situation. I've got the feeling I've missed something, because Gina seems so relieved and cheerful. Maybe her marriage was a very unhappy one?
We made good progress with the packing. Tomorrow they will move into Stella's apartment. I went to see Stella's parents and they gave me the keys. Gina has at least until the end of the summer to look for something else. That will give her enough time to decide if she will move in with Lester or if she'd rather stay on her own for a while first.

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