May 19, 2014

My Writing Weekend!

Provence Rose Notebook

I worked very hard this weekend. I got up early to make people breakfast, I made beds, I took orders and I accompanied the guests together with aunt Giselle. We made sure they were happy and healthy and that they had everything they desired. Which also meant I had the chance to see Celia Daniels's home, because I accompanied her there a few times. She gave me and the people who were taking her course a lovely surprise, a signed version of her latest book with a personal message. It's a wonderful gift that I will treasure forever. I'm not starstruck anymore, at least not in front of her or Jim. I feel a bit more confident after getting to know them so well and Calvin had to tell me at least twenty times that they are normal people no matter what they've accomplished. He got along very well with them and treated them like he treats everyone else, with a joke and a smile. Everyone seemed to genuinely like him. I'm not surprised, but I am very proud of him. The weekend was useful for him too as he's sold a lot of tea and managed to get several bookings for his tearooms. He also sold some coffee to the bed and breakfast and he's promised my uncle and aunt that they can call us any time they need someone to help out during an extremely busy weekend. 
Something wonderful has happened during one of the writing courses. I had lots of time to work on my novel. All of a sudden I was writing an epilogue and then I was writing the last sentence of my story. That means that I've finished the first draft of my book! I can't believe it, it's a huge milestone for me. I've worked so hard during the past couple of months, but I know a big part of the real work is still in front of me because I still need to do a lot of editing. I've received great advice and quite a few pointers. I have to make sure that the reader knows what I'm talking about, it can be evident to me, but it has to be to anyone who reads my story. That is one of my biggest flaws. Another one is that I should make my main character a bit tougher, because he is a boy. It's hard to think like a boy when you're a very girly girl, but I'm sure I can pull it off. I just need to be aware. I've made a list of all my possible pitfalls and shortcomings and hopefully my novel will turn out to be at least a little bit decent.
As always I was very sad to leave uncle Peter and aunt Giselle behind. I love to spend time with them and I do want to visit them when I'm not needed or when there isn't a writer's weekend at the bed and breakfast. Calvin has made sure that will happen, he asked everyone to look at their planners and then we set a date. It's his way to do everything, if you want something very much you make arrangements straight away. I can learn something from that.

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