May 30, 2014


Yesterday it was a bank holiday and that meant Gina could take both Thursday and Friday to move into her new home. One of her friends has got a van and he helped moving all of her things. Gina only had to buy a bunk bed and a few accessories for the twins. She's turned Stella's office/library into a room for the girls. We've put all of Stella's papers into crates and stored them in her depository. With some pink pillows, girlie quilts and a pink rug Gina has made the room a bit more suitable for Audrey and Brenda.


To make them feel welcome I bought the twins some new toys. I love those Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends houses! I wish I could buy some for myself as well. At least I had the chance to play with them for a while. I kept the girls company, which was so sweet of me (cheeky or not?), so Gina could unpack all of her own boxes and the general things for the living room. She's installed her computer and she also contacted the gas and electric company to make arrangements. Stella didn't mention any rent, but I've asked Gina to pay some on an account I've set up for her. That will be a nice surprise for when she comes back.

Stella's apartment is much smaller than what Gina and the girls are used to, but they don't seem to mind at all. They looked happy and carefree. I'm hoping to catch Gina alone soon, so she can tell me what exactly has been going on in her marriage.


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