May 12, 2014

Mother's Day with Calvin and his family

I wore this long Cynthia Steffe dress on Sunday afternoon. Calvin picked me up and he was perfectly on time. Of course he used his key again to let himself in. I'd never seen him in a suit before, but now he was wearing one. He looked really handsome and I felt those familiar butterflies in my stomach again. Before going he kissed me and we had to break it off because we had to go. We both didn't want to stop. 
His parents are living in a small country estate which is also a boutique hotel. Calvin showed me around briefly and it looked very pretty. The Mother's Day party was in the garden. There was a huge tent and we were greeted by a hostess, one of the staff members of the hotel. Calvin still hadn't told me why there was a Mother's Day party, but I soon found out. His mother's from Belgium and his father is American. Calvin's father owns the hotel together with his sister and she's married an Englishman, that's why they ended up here. Calvin also has four sisters who are having children of their own. It was a huge family party. Calvin took my hand and he didn't let go the entire time. He introduced me to his mother as his girlfriend, with a questioning look in his eyes. I nodded briefly and that was that. His mother told me she's heard so much about me and she was glad to finally meet me. Every family member knew who I was, that was quite a surprise. Calvin was very sweet and attentive. Everyone was nice to me and I danced with every male member of his family. Plus with all the children.
It was a happy, sunny and sweet afternoon. I didn't expect to have a boyfriend again so soon. Calvin has shown me another side of him and I'm glad he did, because I really, really like him.

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