May 7, 2014

Monday Night Book Club!

I love Monday night book club meetings. They're always so great! We're currently reading the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. I've read the first two books and liked them a lot. I'll be reviewing them as soon as possible. Betty, Christie and Nolan are slowly becoming my friends. This week things were a little awkward at first though, due to my frequent meetings with Rian. Nolan knows him well, because they've been classmates in high school and Betty and Christie were wondering if I was sleeping with him, which they wouldn't have approved. Nolan warned me that Rian is pretty damaged and that I shouldn't go there at this moment. I could see the relief on their faces when I told them Rian and I are just friends and nothing more.
 When everything was out in the open the atmosphere became a lot lighter and soon we were chatting about books, school and boyfriends. They also told me an interesting bit of school gossip. Apparently some of our teachers aren't getting along very well. There are two departments, Marketing of Books and Business. The Business teachers think their colleagues are way too stuffy and the Marketing of Books people in return say they are conceited. They're now officially not talking to each other anymore. That's going to be fun when we have to get our grades. Some projects are mixed, I bet it'll become a huge drama.

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