May 15, 2014

Losing You by Susan Lewis

Lauren Scott is bright, talented and beautiful. At eighteen, she is the most precious gift in the world to her mother, and has a dazzling career ahead of her.
Oliver Lomax is a young man full of promise, despite the shadow his own, deeply troubled, mother casts over him.
Then one fateful night, Oliver makes a decision that tears their worlds apart.
Until then, Lauren and Oliver had never met, but now they become so closely bound together that their families are forced to confront truths they hoped they'd never have to face, secrets they'd never even imagined...

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Lauren Scott has it all, she's gorgeous, she's musical and her grades are perfect, but most of all she's got a happy and sunny personality. That is what her mother, Emma, loves the most about her. On one terrible night there's an accident which changes her future forever. Emma's by her daughter's side the whole time. Oliver is a young man who has recently finished university. He's living with his father, Russ, and is looking for a job. He meets Lauren in the most terrible circumstances and then the story unravels in a most unexpected way.
I loved Losing You. It isn't a happy story, but it's one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. It's a book filled with hope and understanding. Nothing is ever what it seems. Emma is a dedicated parent who's got so much courage and perseverance. The same can be said about Russ. I wished there would be a fairy to make everything all right for both of them and for Lauren and Oliver, but this book is about real life. That makes it even better.

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