May 15, 2014

Lavender and Jada's cookbook reviews: The Free Range Cook


I love Annabel Langbein's television show, her website and her cookbooks! I'm a big fan of her creative dishes and when I told Jada I wanted to make a three course dinner from the The Free Range Cook she happily agreed. We were cooking at Jada's mansion again as her parents went out for dinner. They have an old fashioned Aga cooker and the kitchen is huge. Everything you might need is there. Cooking together in my kitchen is possible, but it's a lot less comfortable, so the mansion it is whenever it's possible.
We started with the roasted beet and rocket salad which is delicious and pretty easy to make. Then we chose to try the spicy chicken skewers. We decided to make the creamy Moroccan cucumber salad from the same page in the book. The summer is coming and I can never eat enough salads. For desert we had the chocolate cherry tiramisu which I made in advance. That was the highlight of the evening, it was absolutely wonderful! 
This cookbook has so many versatile recipes. There are also many gorgeous pictures of Annabel's beautiful home and the surroundings. Every recipe comes with clear instructions. I'm very happy with this fantastic cookbook!

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  1. Ooooh, this cookbook sounds like something I would really enjoy! Thank you for introducing me to it! :)


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