May 29, 2014

Lavender and Jada's cookbook review: Feed Me Now!

My brother is a big fan of Bill Granger's television show and his cookbooks, so I've decided to buy myself one as well. Feed me now is a wonderful book filled with recipes that are pretty easy to make due to the clear instructions. We chose to make Bill Granger's pizza recipe as a starter. We ate a slice each. I love eating cold pizza for lunch or as a midnight snack, so we made enough for both of us to eat again later. Then we made the roast beef with spelt salad and tapenade. For desert we tried the blueberry tea cake. Everything was delicious! 
There are quite many recipes in this book and both Jada and I want to try more. We had a lot of fun choosing what we were going to make and it took us a while to agree on the menu. I certainly want to taste one of the soups and I would love to make a breakfast, snack or lunch using this cookbook! Most of Bill Granger's dishes are really healthy and I like that. What I also appreciate about his way of cooking is that he's using many kinds of herbs, which is giving everything he creates a lot of flavor. For him eating is a social thing which is exactly the way I feel about it. I love having friends over for a meal or to prepare something together with Jada. The fun of creating something a loved one would appreciate is such a wonderful thing.

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