May 10, 2014

Eating tapas on Friday evening!

I wore this Indigo Gardens dress when I went out with my friends on Friday evening. This time there were three of us, Louise, Naomi and me. I always make time for my friends, dates and boyfriends or not, I just don't want to miss them. Somehow after what's happened to Naomi the three of us have gotten closer. I call Naomi every day to check how she's doing and I know that it's difficult for Louise as well, so I try to contact her on a daily basis too.
Naomi wanted to go out for the first time and we decided it shouldn't be too stressful yet, so we went to a tapas bar where we could eat and drink all night long. It was full, but as there are only tables, everyone stayed in their own place and nobody came too close to Naomi. I've seen how much it scares here when we walked down the street earlier. I don't think she'll let anyone be near to her for a long time. That such a pity as she used to be so carefree and happy. Unfortunately that's life, things happen to all of us and some are worse than others. It made me happy to see a smile on her face from time to time again. We had fun, talking about school, work and our holiday in France.
 Naomi's decided to go back to school in a few months. She's showed some of her work to a local art school and she can start there in a summer program after which she can skip the first year and start in the second one. I think that's a good choice. It suits her a lot better than sitting in an office doing something boring all day long. 
Naomi and Louise are both selling their apartments and it seems like Louise has found a buyer already. As Naomi's parents are helping her they've decided to find a place together. I think that's a very good idea. I'm glad to see that my friends are slowly healing.

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