May 11, 2014

Helping Dawn on Saturday

I worked for Dawn on Saturday afternoon so she could take care of Seth. They were together this weekend as their grandparents were looking after the children for a couple of days. I told her to take a nap, so she could get some rest. She works during the day and the evening and then she has to run the family and the household. They're getting some help, but not enough. Dawn could really use some time away. Hopefully Seth's health will improve at some point, so they would be able to have a lazy holiday on the beach. For now he can't do much. They're trying a new type of medication again, maybe this one will do the trick?
For my work Dawn gave me this Project Single Season Jessica coat, I love it especially the buttons! I told her she doesn't have to pay me as helping her is what sisters do, but she likes giving me things that are making me happy. According to her that's also a sibling thing, helping me out with clothes, because I don't have much money at the moment. I made dinner again and we had it with the three of us. For a while I actually forgot how sick Seth is, because he's such good company. Of course Dawn helped me to get dressed for the evening and meanwhile we've made some plans for the next family party. More about that later...

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