May 22, 2014

Gina Drama

It had been a long time ago since I had the chance to catch up with Zoe. As she and Gina have become friends during the past couple of months we decided we really should go out for a drink. I wore this dress from The Pretty Dress Company. It was an after work meeting at a wine bar. 
Zoe's still enjoying her single life. She's been dating on and off with the business man she's thrown up over and I got the feeling she likes him more than she wants to admit. She sees herself as a free spirit, but I think she secretly wants to move in with him. I bet within a few months they'll get married and after that they will have at least four children.
Gina has seen Lester again, several times to be exact. She's so in love with him that she's seriously considering giving up her marriage with Trevor. Somehow I can't picture her in his modern home with the twins, but it might be exactly where she will end up. It sounds like he's serious. They've kissed each other several times now. She should tell her husband though and do something about it before word will get around and he will hear it from someone else. Too many people have seen them together already. I'm one hundred percent behind her and I will let her and the girls stay with me if needed. Gina doesn't seem like she has a care in the world though, she's too happy. I think we're on the same cloud as I'm feeling exactly the same because of Calvin. I can't even believe I thought I liked Lester a few weeks ago. Gina can have him, he's a good man and he's rich. I think they will be perfect together. I feel a bit guilty towards Trevor for even thinking that, but it's true. Since Gina's started working in the art library she's outgrown him somehow. I will have to tell Edward though. I've already said no to one of his dinner invitations and I can't hurt his feelings to keep something hidden from him that's hardly a secret.


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