May 25, 2014

Full House by Maeve Binchy

Dee loves her children very much, but now they are all grown up, shouldn't they leave home?

Rosie moved out when she got married, but it didn't work out, so now she is back with her parents. Helen is a teacher, and doesn't earn enough for a place of her own. Anthony writes songs, and is just waiting for the day when someone will pay him for them. Until then, all three are happy at home. It doesn't cost them anything, and surely their parents like having a full house?

When a crisis occurs, Dee decides things have to change for the whole family ... whether they like it or not.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Dee and Liam are having their three children, who are in their twenties, still at home. They are living there for free and let Dee do all the cooking and cleaning. When Liam loses his job they won't have enough money to keep their home if nobody else contributes. Something has to be done and when the children don't want to listen to Dee she comes up with a plan to change things at home.
I liked Dee's plan and her children really needed to become aware that they were behaving like spoiled brats. I always love Maeve Binchy's writing. The wonderful atmosphere only she can create was there again. This is a short story, but it's so much fun to read. I really enjoyed it.


  1. I have never read a Binchy, I know..never

  2. Sounds like it could be funny. Though in my 20s, the last thing I would have wanted to do is live with my parents!

    1. Me too, I wanted to live on my own as soon as I was able to. That's also why I really liked this story, to see how it shouldn't be done.


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