May 31, 2014

Friday night with friends

I wore this pinafore dress on Friday night. I'm getting a bit used to the fact that I won't be meeting the whole gang at once anymore. This time it was different anyway as Calvin wanted me to meet his friends. I asked Louise and Naomi if it would be an idea to meet them together, but Naomi didn't really like the idea. When we agreed to see each other in Franka's restaurant, so she would be surrounded by people she knows and would be able to leave instantly, she said it would be all right. Calvin brought his best friend and business partner Lee. He also invited his childhood friends Joanne and Nick, who have been a couple since they were both 15 years old. Last but not least Calvin's sister Amber joined us as well. She's a single mother of a three year old girl and had arranged a babysitter for the night. Calvin and his sister are good friends, so it was important for him that she'd be there. 
At first things were a bit uneasy. Naomi wanted to sit as far away from the naturally flirty Lee as possible, which we should have previously arranged, and nobody said much. Calvin's usually a very good talker, but I could see he was nervous. In the end Amber was the one who started the conversation by asking us all to introduce ourselves. When we had a glass of biological champagne and a few appetizers in front of us everyone had found their voice back and we all chatted easily. Franka and Naomi's new friend Elise, who was again our waitress for the evening, came to sit with us as soon as the other customers had left. They opened two bottles of limoncello and we drank spiked hot chocolates. I'm glad things went well and I made sure Naomi was all right. I know how difficult this must have been for her and I'm proud of her for being so brave.
 I liked Calvin's friends and sister a lot and he felt the same about Naomi and Louise. Our lives are always very busy, but we both care about the important people in our lives very much, that makes it easy to understand each other. We stayed at my place this time and because they missed the last train home Joanne and Nick went with us. It was nice to have a personal conversation with them as well. I got to hear plenty of funny childhood stories. Hopefully we'll meet again soon. 

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  1. That's a cute dungarees!


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