May 23, 2014

Facts About My Father

My father's name is Henry, he's 64 years old. He's been married to my mother for 35 years. Even though he was working at a bakery when he was a student he can't bake at all. My father is the owner of a small real estate business. They are located in several bigger villages and two cities. He's been quite successful and even though he has retired other people are still running his business for him. My brother Jason might follow in his footsteps.
My father has several hobbies. I've been raised in a house filled with books, because both of my parents love to read. My father's favorite book is Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières which is Closely followed by Captain Corelli's Mandoline. My father often goes horse riding. He has two horses. My parents have redecorated their barn so they can have parties there, but they have kept their stables. Besides his horses my father also owns two goats, three sheep and several chickens. He calls himself a hobby farmer. He can often be found in his vegetable garden with the small green house. He is someone who likes to be outside and he gets nervous when he needs to stay in and sit down for a long time.
 My father's favorite drink is Irish coffee. He's happiest when he can eat blueberry jam cake or a delicious trifle to go with that. Every now and then he smokes a big cigar. I've inherited my romantic streak from both him and my mother. My father often surprises her with flowers, jewelry, perfume, scarfs, restaurant reservations and expensive bottles of wine. He's an outgoing person and he loves to talk. That can go very far, because he talks to everyone he sees, even if they are complete strangers.
My father has no sisters, he only has five brothers. Four of them are married to good friends of my mother. The fifth brother has passed away as a result of a traffic accident in his early twenties. My father still misses him every day. 
My father once cut off the larger part of his left pinky when he was trying to make a casserole. They couldn't put it back on. Not long after that he almost set the house on fire while trying to bake some pasta. Since then my mother doesn't allow him to go anywhere near the kitchen anymore. Even the barbecue is off limits. Which is for the best, because he once burned his wrist pretty badly and he always ruined the meat. Playing the perfect host on every get together is a much more suited task. My father loves life and enjoys everything good that comes his way.

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