May 18, 2014

Facts about my family part one

I'd like to share a bit more information about the most important people in my life and I'm going to start with my family. The first person I'm going to write about is my mother. My mother's first name is Adele and she's sixty years old. She and my father have been married for thirty five years. My mother and father have met when they were both students. My father had a job on the side at a bakery and one day my mother came in to buy a cake. She started to come back regularly and after a few weeks my father asked her out on a date. I think this is such a romantic story!
My mother has a degree in English literature and she's worked at a women's magazine until a few months ago. She still writes a column every week, but she doesn't edit or write other articles anymore. My mother's a great writer and I keep hoping that she'll write a book. For now she's happy traveling and throwing parties at the barn. 
Of course my mother has read a lot of classics, but working for the magazine has made her a big lover of romantic books. That's why A Sense of Belonging by Erica James is her favorite story. My mother loves to read and she's a pretty modern woman, because she reads both paperbacks and kindle just like I do.
My mother is the homely, motherly type. She likes to spend time in the kitchen mainly to bake. Her strawberry jam pie is legendary. She's a romantic at heart and she and my father often go on dates which she usually sets up. My mother is the eldest daughter of a family of six. Her parents are in their eighties and they're still quite healthy. She's a family person and often visits my grandparents and her siblings. 
I'm very fond of my mother and am grateful that she's given me a wonderful childhood. When I was a teenager we clashed every now and then, but I think that's pretty normal. I can always consult her when something's the matter. I'm glad she's my mom!

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