May 23, 2014


I already told him I couldn't come once, so when Edward called me yesterday early in the evening to tell me that I really should come to his dinner party I wasn't very happy, but I agreed. It's hard to say no to my boss. I bought this cute floral dress on ModCloth and decided it would be perfect for the occasion. I kept my fingers crossed that Lester wouldn't be there, but that was in vain, because Edward had invited him. 
Edward said that he called me last minute, because then I couldn't say no. He had already noticed something was not right between me and Lester and he didn't want that to come between us. When I went to the kitchen to help Victoria with desert I told her about Calvin and she immediately called Edward to tell him the good news. Next time I have to bring him, because she would love to meet him. I expected they would be very disappointed in me for not trying harder with Lester, so this was a big relief. I told them what happened between me and Lester and that he's more or less dating my married friend now. They want him to be happy and that's their main interest, but they've got exactly the same wish for me.
Of course I stayed with them way too long. We had such a good time drinking pink champagne in the garden. This time I didn't stay over though. Calvin lives at walking distance. I never walk home alone, so Lester asked if he could accompany me. It gave us a chance to talk. He apologized and I told him that as far as I'm concerned everything is fine between us. You can't help falling in love with someone. I told him about Calvin. They've met and briefly shook hands when Calvin opened the door.
It was a good night, with a perfect ending. Not much later I fell asleep peacefully in the arms of my boyfriend.

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