May 8, 2014

Calvin or Lester?

Calvin called me yesterday when I only just got home. He wanted to see me again and asked me if I was free for the evening. I already had plans for a date with Lester and decided to be honest with him. He didn't like it, but we talked openly about the situation. It was a good talk. We're going to see each other later this week and he's promised me he's going to answer every question I have about him, so I can get to know him better.
I dressed in a See by Chloe flower printed skirt and a Sarah Pacini chunky cardigan, an outfit from my sister again. I somehow feel better in her clothes when I'm seeing Lester. I don't know if it is because of his manners, his impressive house or maybe I really, really want him to like me. The date was simple, we went to the theater to see a play. It was dramatic and funny. Lester and I held hands the entire time. Afterwards we went to his house again and there we kissed. I felt sparks, more sparks, a complete firework show, and that only because of his kissing. I start to like this guy more every day and might even be falling for him. I'm afraid though because of how much the break up with Ben has hurt me and also somewhere at the back of my mind a little voice keeps telling me that I'm not good enough for him. He needs someone pretty, with photo model looks, not just regular me, Lavender from the library. 

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