May 9, 2014

Calvin on my couch

Yesterday evening I was lounging on my sofa with a book. I was so happy to have an evening alone. It didn't last very long though, because I had an unexpected visitor. Calvin let himself in. Of course he didn't ring the bell like everyone else, he used his key. I wasn't dressed for the occasion, because I was wearing these very comfortable Topshop Coke PJ tee and shorts. He brought me chocolate muffins which made me forgive him straight away. 
He came over to talk, which was sweet, but it also felt weird. I had no idea what to say to him at first, but he started telling me about himself and his life. When he moved out he went to Thailand to start a beach bar, but he was homesick. He's been back in the country for a while already and set up his own tea and coffee business with a friend. They have several shops combined with a restaurant. He works a lot. He didn't want to see me again before he could prove to me that he's more serious and committed than before. Back then it was just flirting, but when he was away he realized he wanted more than that. Only when he wanted to tell me he was with Ben, so he decided to stay around and wait. This came as a huge surprise for me. I had no idea.
 He said that he would love to introduce me to his family and he invited me to go to their Mother's Day party. He told me I would understand why after meeting them. He's convinced me it's very important to him, so I said yes. Then he gave me a hug and left. I'm so confused, because he's become such a nice and sweet guy.

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