May 21, 2014

Book Talk: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen / Secrets

In Just Listen the main character Annabel has a secret. At home they're thinking everything's going well. She isn't the sister with problems. Something has happened to Annabel, but she can't talk about it. Until she meets someone who's slowly convincing her to open up to him. 
When I'm being asked what my favorite Young Adult book is, I tell them it's Just Listen. It isn't easy to talk when something awful has happened to you. When you go to school it seems like most of the people around you are fine, but is that actually true? We're easy to judge. If something awful happened to you would you be able to tell people? And do you want the whole world to know including everybody in your class? It isn't that simple. 
When I was younger I had a secret too. It took me a long time to share my story with someone. I have a lot of friends and a close, warm family, but I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone. That's also why this book has a special meaning to me. I haven't been through the same as the main character, but something did happen. I'm a happy, bubbly person now, but I wasn't always like that. Thank you Sarah Dessen for writing this wonderful story and for showing teenagers who are in a similar situation that they need to find someone they can trust, so they can share what's bothering them. Because only then they can really start healing.


  1. I don't think I've read this one, though I do own it. And I've loved the Sarah Dessen books I've read. I love when there's that connection though, when it's a book we can understand so well because of personal experiences. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This book is really one of her best, for me the best she's written. Even though what happened to her hasn't happened to me, fortunately, this book means a lot to me.

  2. I read this book in summer season and enjoy fully time when i read his all stories thanks for share it paraphrase it for me .


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