May 25, 2014

Book talk: Being ill

 Every now and then I read a book about someone who has been very ill. In Welcome to Biscuit Land the writer, Jessica Thom, has Tourette Syndrome. She's got it in the worst possible way, but she's so positive and funny. Lisa Lynch has written about her fight against breast cancer in an open and honest way. Unfortunately she has lost that fight and she's passed away. I think many people will miss this brilliant author. In Brain on Fire Susannah Cahalan has to fight her way back from a terrible brain inflammation. Alice Peterson was on her way to become a tennis pro when rheumatoid arthritis messed up her plans. She's had it in such a severe way that it put her whole life on hold and she was severely handicapped. Medical science wasn't what it is today at that point. All of these women are so brave and I admire them greatly. It isn't easy to find the strength to write a book about the most vulnerable parts of yourself. All of these books are must reads written by women who have showed a lot of courage. They are a great support for those who are in the same boat or who have a different illness and can relate to their struggles. But also when you haven't been very ill yourself you should read these books. The stories are all beautiful and well written and they help making the world a little more caring and understanding. They also show that there's always hope and that you can be happy even when life is tough.

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