May 28, 2014

Book club talk: The Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong

 On Monday night it's book club night. I'm so happy I've met my study group and that we've started doing this. This week we went to Nolan's apartment where we had a cocktail night. His place is absolutely stunning. He has an artistic side he's never talked about and his whole apartment is one big mural. He's painted his favorite fairytales and fantasy characters on his walls. He's also told us he's going to medieval fairs and he loves reenacting. It's a whole new side of him we've only just discovered. We're all still getting to know each other and I'm glad things are going so well.
This time Christie brought her favorite books. She loves the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. I really liked those books too. Every strong and stubborn heroine is awesome. Christie's favorite is Elena, it was love at first sight when she read Bitten. The final, thirteenth book, is such a wonderful finale. We spent quite some time talking about magic and daring heroines and heroes.
 Evenings like this always make me think about what I would like to write myself if I'd ever try to come up with a fairytale or fantasy story. I wasn't the only one. We've shared our ideas and agreed that we're going to use our summer to all write a novel that has to be about magic. I already have a general idea about what my story should be and I can't wait to start. First I have another book to finish though, actually we all do.


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