May 1, 2014

Another Date with Lester

Sleeveless Dress Petit Bateau

On Wednesday evening I went on another date with Lester. It was a very simple, but lovely evening, we went out for a pub dinner. We talked and talked and eventually we held hands as well. I really like him, but there hasn't been any kind of spark so far. Still I keep thinking about him. He's so sweet and generous, only I'm afraid the attraction might fail to come. Edward keeps asking me questions and he's hinted several times now that we'd be such a good couple. I can see what he means, we'd be great together, but somehow I don't feel it. I've agreed to go out with him again and if I don't have any butterflies in my stomach then either I'm going to be honest about it and tell him we should just be friends. Maybe I should try to kiss him first, to be sure, but that might be mean. I have to make up my mind pretty soon as we've made plans for Saturday evening.

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