May 20, 2014

A Very Warm School Day!

I wore this Love Ur Look city dress to school yesterday. It was such a warm day and inside the building it was a little bit too much. Fortunately our teachers were willing to teach outside, so we've spent most of our time in the sunshine. Afterwards I went to have my regular Monday tea with Rian. We chose a place with a garden. We drank iced tea for a change and we both ordered a big slice of lemon pie. Rian's life is still a mess. He's trying to find a lawyer who will handle his divorce for him. His ex-wife is making things extremely difficult, so he needs someone good to represent him. His siblings are all taking sides and some of them won't speak to him anymore. He's from a big family and they mean everything to him, so all of this is killing him.
We only have a few more weeks of lessons to go. Rian will be teaching summer school and he's asked me to join one of the writing classes. I think I will do that as it sounds interesting. He will be teaching this class. I found out that he's written several books, eight successful thrillers to be exact. He's using a nom de plume. When we started to chat about writing and our favorite books we completely forgot the time. Before I knew it it was six thirty which meant I was already late. I had plans to go to a restaurant with my study/book group and I asked Rian to join us. He didn't stay for the book club talk, because fantasy isn't his cup of tea, but dinner with the five of us was quite a success.


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