May 15, 2014

A midnight Picnick

Today I've been sleepy all day, because I didn't see much of my bed last night. I was already wearing my pajamas when Calvin let himself into my apartment. He told me he had a surprise for me and if I wanted to know what it was I should get dressed. He also advised me to put on a warm sweater and a pair of trousers. I chose to wear my Joules cable knit jumper together with a Ted Baker printed jeans. Before I left I rushed into the bathroom to apply a bit of make up and brush my hair, so I'd look at least a little bit presentable. 
Calvin took me to a beautiful hidden garden which was lit by several small lights carefully hidden between the plants and flowerbeds. He assured me the garden's owned by a friend and that he asked for his permission, so there was nothing illegal about our visit. I didn't ask, but he knows I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to the law and men in uniforms that might arrest me. I'm actually quite afraid of them. 
After we'd walked around for a little while Calvin took my hand to lead me to the pond. There was blanket spread onto the grass and next to it was a huge basket. Calvin opened it and took out two glasses and a bottle of delicious Sauternes which he knows I like so much. He organized a midnight picnic with my favorite cheeses, fruit and chocolate. It was such a nice and romantic surprise, I was totally amazed. We stayed for hours and we both fell asleep on the blanket at some point. I only returned to my apartment at five in the morning.

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