May 4, 2014

A Fantastic Saturday Evening!

I shopped for an outfit in Dawn's closet and chose this Versus printed jeans and combined it with a Topshop Boutique cashmere sweater. Dawn told me I could keep this outfit for the help I've given her during the past couple of weeks. I love my new clothes and my sister's closet is nicer than any store I know. I did something to earn the clothes too as I cooked meals for a whole week and put them in her freezer. 
This time I left before dinner as it was time to meet Lester for another date. We went out for a romantic dinner at a small restaurant where they only use fresh and biological products to prepare high class meals. Lester is a real gentleman and he's very well informed. I love talking to him. He reads newspapers, books and magazines and he studies for fun in his free time. It might sound a bit boring, but it makes him erudite and I like that about him. 
After dinner he asked me if I wanted to see his home and I agreed. He has a fantastic house in the middle of the city, very expensive, with modern furniture. His kitchen is stainless steel and I don't think he uses it much. Everything in his apartment is so luxurious. When I asked him how he earned the money to buy a place like this he told me he inherited it. His face was so sad all of a sudden. Apparently his uncle used to live here, but he died about a year ago. I put my arms around him as that seemed the most logical thing to do at that moment. Then he started kissing me and the perfect gentleman was gone all of a sudden. I don't know what happened, but suddenly there were sparks and a lot of them. We just kissed, nothing more, I didn't want to go any further this time, but we will go on another date very soon. If I don't make a choice for myself between the men in my life at the moment, things are going to be such a big mess.


  1. Ohh good grief, those pants are absolutely gorgeous! I'm a big fan of teaming the print with bright block colours.
    Sounds like quite the night ;) Whatever will you do?

  2. My sister has such great taste, I love her wardrobe! I have no idea what I'm going to do about my love life yet, but I need to make up my mind about it very soon. Otherwise it will lead to even more trouble.


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