May 28, 2014

A drink with Gina

I wore this floral skater dress to work yesterday. On Tuesday evenings I always go to Jada, but before that I went to a wine bar with Gina to have a drink. She wanted to talk to me, or more accurately she wanted to ask me something. She's told Trevor it's over between them. He didn't take it very well, he mainly cried, poor him. They didn't have a huge fight and he's staying with his parents until Gina's found somewhere else to live. She asked me if she could move into Stella's place for a while until she's found something of her own. She doesn't want to rush into her new relationship (yes, they're officially together now!) with Lester by moving in with him straight away. I sent a text message to my friend and Stella offered her apartment straight away. I've virtually hugged her for being so generous. Tomorrow I'm going to help Gina and the girls with their packing.


  1. Fabulous story :) I love the floral skater skirt Lavender has on the post! xoxo

    Fashion Phases

    1. Thank you very much, your comment has made my day!

  2. Love the color of this dress.


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