May 25, 2014

A demonstration for Dawn's customers

On Saturday at lunch time Dawn needed me for a demonstration of her products. She had a double booking and asked me if I would be able to take one. Of course I said yes, but I was so nervous. I wore my new Take It From The Rooftop dress and Dawn did my make up for me. I had to sell biological cosmetics to a group of women in their fifties. I had to go to a lovely, romantic home with a beautiful garden filled with flowers. The women were drinking cocktails and their food of choice was pie, chocolate, cookies and cake. The atmosphere was cheerful and happy. The products more or less sold themselves because of all the booze. Soon I had a cocktail in my hand and they insisted I would drink it. Then they started to ask me all kinds of questions about my life. They were such a close and merry group of friends. I sold quite many products and had a great time.

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