May 17, 2014

A Wonderful Welcome Dinner

I wore this Emily and Fin poppy dress yesterday evening. My uncle and aunt always start their creative weekends with a dinner for all of their guests. Calvin and I were there to help them with the cooking and serving of the food. We've introduced ourselves to all the guests and told them we're the ones to ask whenever they need something. It's a wonderful group of people. There are eight aspiring writers and two authors. I was more or less expecting to see author Jim Essex again and I was right. Finally I was able to find out why everyone in my family knows him and I don't. Jim started teaching when Dawn and Jason were both in high school. As I didn't go to the same school I've never met him during that time. My parents talked to him at parent teacher nights and one time they invited him to one of their bigger parties and since then he's been a regular guest. 
The other author is Celia Daniels. I think I'll be able to learn a lot from her. She's an older lady with a truckload of experience. She's very kind, but firm, the ideal teacher. Celia and aunt Giselle are good friends and since a few weeks they're also neighbors. She sleeps in her own bed instead of at the bed and breakfast.
The students are varying in age. Three of them are male and the other five are female. Calvin has already promised me that he'll help uncle Peter with everything around the house so aunt Giselle and I can supervise (which actually means we're going to take part) the classes. 
Of course the wine flowed freely on our first evening. I tried to keep my head clear, because I was working, but when they served chocolate milk with hazelnut liqueur and home made pear cider I just had to give in. We've had a merry first evening.

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