May 31, 2014

Friday night with friends

I wore this pinafore dress on Friday night. I'm getting a bit used to the fact that I won't be meeting the whole gang at once anymore. This time it was different anyway as Calvin wanted me to meet his friends. I asked Louise and Naomi if it would be an idea to meet them together, but Naomi didn't really like the idea. When we agreed to see each other in Franka's restaurant, so she would be surrounded by people she knows and would be able to leave instantly, she said it would be all right. Calvin brought his best friend and business partner Lee. He also invited his childhood friends Joanne and Nick, who have been a couple since they were both 15 years old. Last but not least Calvin's sister Amber joined us as well. She's a single mother of a three year old girl and had arranged a babysitter for the night. Calvin and his sister are good friends, so it was important for him that she'd be there. 
At first things were a bit uneasy. Naomi wanted to sit as far away from the naturally flirty Lee as possible, which we should have previously arranged, and nobody said much. Calvin's usually a very good talker, but I could see he was nervous. In the end Amber was the one who started the conversation by asking us all to introduce ourselves. When we had a glass of biological champagne and a few appetizers in front of us everyone had found their voice back and we all chatted easily. Franka and Naomi's new friend Elise, who was again our waitress for the evening, came to sit with us as soon as the other customers had left. They opened two bottles of limoncello and we drank spiked hot chocolates. I'm glad things went well and I made sure Naomi was all right. I know how difficult this must have been for her and I'm proud of her for being so brave.
 I liked Calvin's friends and sister a lot and he felt the same about Naomi and Louise. Our lives are always very busy, but we both care about the important people in our lives very much, that makes it easy to understand each other. We stayed at my place this time and because they missed the last train home Joanne and Nick went with us. It was nice to have a personal conversation with them as well. I got to hear plenty of funny childhood stories. Hopefully we'll meet again soon. 

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

Journalist Kitty Logan’s career has been destroyed by scandal, and she now faces losing the woman who guided her and taught her everything she knew. At her mentor’s bedside, Kitty asks her – what is the one story she always wanted to write?
The answer lies in a file buried in Constance’s office: a list of one hundred names. There is no synopsis, no explanation, nothing else to explain what the story is or who these people are. The list is simply a mystery.
But before Kitty can talk to her friend, it is too late.
With everything to prove, Kitty is assigned the most important task of her life – to write the story her mentor never had the opportunity to. Kitty has to not only track down and meet the people on the list, but find out what connects them. And, in the process of hearing ordinary people’s stories, she uncovers Constance’s – and starts to understand her own…

Kitty's life is a mess. She's made a terrible mistake at work in front of the whole country and has to pay the price. Fortunately she's got her friend Constance who understands what she's going through and who will never give up on her. She has a project for Kitty, but before she can tell her what it's all about she passes away. The only thing Kitty has is a list of one hundred names. She needs to track these people down and find out what their connection is. Kitty's healing while working on her project. At the same time she discovers which of the people who are close to her are on her side.
Kitty has some flaws and she knows about them. That makes her a great main character. I loved the people on the list and their stories. I also really liked the lesson that can be learned from this book. Even if everything in life seems to go wrong, you can turn things around by working hard and being positive. There are second chances in life. I really liked this wonderful and warm story!

Introducing Calvin to Victoria

I briefly went to see my sister on Thursday. I brought her some home made cookies and food for two days, so she wouldn't have to cook. In return she let me borrow this gorgeous Issa dress. I love it, it's one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. Calvin picked me up at my sister's home. He brought some tea for her and Seth and sweets for the children. Everybody likes him, he's kind and attentive and he always knows what to say. I feel much lighter and happier when he's around. I don't think I've ever been so in love before.
Edward and Victoria invited us to another dinner party. They've more or less made it a weekly thing as everybody seems to be enjoying it so much. We've met several new people. Calvin loves making small talk and he was in his element. He also won Victoria over straight away by bringing her a heart shaped box filled with delicious chocolates. Edward then told me he would love to invite us as a couple more often which means he likes Calvin. 
As usual it was a long and wonderful night and we ended it by drinking large glasses of pink champagne. Calvin asked Edward how he's made his fortune, something I never dared to do. He's apparently earned most of his money on the stock market. It's always been a passionate hobby and it proved to be a steady income, so Edward could work wherever he liked. That explains why someone who's working at a public library has got so much money. Every guest stayed over this time. There were four other couples and we were all installed in one of Victoria's beautiful guest rooms. The dinner party ended with a delicious breakfast in the garden.

May 30, 2014


Yesterday it was a bank holiday and that meant Gina could take both Thursday and Friday to move into her new home. One of her friends has got a van and he helped moving all of her things. Gina only had to buy a bunk bed and a few accessories for the twins. She's turned Stella's office/library into a room for the girls. We've put all of Stella's papers into crates and stored them in her depository. With some pink pillows, girlie quilts and a pink rug Gina has made the room a bit more suitable for Audrey and Brenda.


To make them feel welcome I bought the twins some new toys. I love those Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends houses! I wish I could buy some for myself as well. At least I had the chance to play with them for a while. I kept the girls company, which was so sweet of me (cheeky or not?), so Gina could unpack all of her own boxes and the general things for the living room. She's installed her computer and she also contacted the gas and electric company to make arrangements. Stella didn't mention any rent, but I've asked Gina to pay some on an account I've set up for her. That will be a nice surprise for when she comes back.

Stella's apartment is much smaller than what Gina and the girls are used to, but they don't seem to mind at all. They looked happy and carefree. I'm hoping to catch Gina alone soon, so she can tell me what exactly has been going on in her marriage.

Some kindle books from Amazon

I've recently bought those books for my kindle and I've already read one of them. I can't wait to read the rest!

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

Winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2011

Tony Webster and his clique first met Adrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry and book-hungry, they would navigate the girl-less sixth form together, trading in affectations, in-jokes, rumour and wit. Maybe Adrian was a little more serious than the others, certainly more intelligent, but they all swore to stay friends for life.

Now Tony is retired. He's had a career and a single marriage, a calm divorce. He's certainly never tried to hurt anybody. Memory, though, is imperfect. It can always throw up surprises, as a lawyer's letter is about to prove.

I've borrowed the summary from Amazon. Tony Webster has three very good friends at school. Adrian is something else, he's very smart and eloquent, and the others are looking up to him. Many years later, when he's already retired, a letter from a lawyer arrives. Because of a small inheritance Tony slowly starts to remember his past, but is his memory actually accurate?
In The Sense of an Ending Tony tells about his school friends, their history and how they eventually grew apart. He also remembers his first real relationship and his marriage. Tony is content, he's lived a calm and normal life with few ups and downs. He's the narrator of the story and makes the reader believe he's a naive guy who just stumbles through life and friendships without completely knowing what he's doing. Is he a reliable narrator though? I loved the doubts the writer created! The prose is magnificent, that alone makes this book a wonderful read. I fell head over heels in love with this story!

Packing with Gina and the Twins

I finally had the chance to wear my [BLANKNYC] all over it overall. On Wednesday evening I helped Gina and the twins with their packing. I also made dinner for the four of us, so they could continue putting their things into boxes. The atmosphere was really weird as my friend was very happy and Brenda and Audrey don't know what's happening yet. They see it as a sleepover and have no idea their mommy and daddy don't want to live together anymore. It breaks my heart to see that. There was music, dancing and singing, it's like my friend doesn't see the seriousness of her situation. I've got the feeling I've missed something, because Gina seems so relieved and cheerful. Maybe her marriage was a very unhappy one?
We made good progress with the packing. Tomorrow they will move into Stella's apartment. I went to see Stella's parents and they gave me the keys. Gina has at least until the end of the summer to look for something else. That will give her enough time to decide if she will move in with Lester or if she'd rather stay on her own for a while first.

May 29, 2014

Working on Wednesday!

On Wednesdays, when I spend the entire afternoon reading stories to kids, I always want to wear something cheerful. This time I chose a purple dress from ModCloth. Happy colors always work. I love those afternoons as they are giving me a chance to forget I'm a grown up. I'm a big fan of cute, I've got plenty of stuffed animals, I like to buy huge bags filled with candy in all colors of the rainbow and I really like to read books that are meant for five year olds. For a few hours a week I can pretend that that's completely normal behavior. Of course silly singing and dancing is allowed and I don't have to be silent because I would otherwise disturb our visitors. I wish every day of the week would be like my Wednesday afternoons, so I could forget about being the responsible know it all librarian forever!

Lavender and Jada's cookbook review: Feed Me Now!

My brother is a big fan of Bill Granger's television show and his cookbooks, so I've decided to buy myself one as well. Feed me now is a wonderful book filled with recipes that are pretty easy to make due to the clear instructions. We chose to make Bill Granger's pizza recipe as a starter. We ate a slice each. I love eating cold pizza for lunch or as a midnight snack, so we made enough for both of us to eat again later. Then we made the roast beef with spelt salad and tapenade. For desert we tried the blueberry tea cake. Everything was delicious! 
There are quite many recipes in this book and both Jada and I want to try more. We had a lot of fun choosing what we were going to make and it took us a while to agree on the menu. I certainly want to taste one of the soups and I would love to make a breakfast, snack or lunch using this cookbook! Most of Bill Granger's dishes are really healthy and I like that. What I also appreciate about his way of cooking is that he's using many kinds of herbs, which is giving everything he creates a lot of flavor. For him eating is a social thing which is exactly the way I feel about it. I love having friends over for a meal or to prepare something together with Jada. The fun of creating something a loved one would appreciate is such a wonderful thing.

Sealed with a Kiss by Rachel Lucas

Kate is dumped on her best friend's wedding day by the world's most boring boyfriend, Ian. She's mostly cross because he got in first - until she remembers she's now homeless as well as jobless. Rather than move back home to her ultra-bossy mother, Kate takes a job on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor as an all-round Girl Friday. Her first day is pretty much a disaster: she falls over, smack bang at the feet of her grouchy new boss, Roddy, Laird of the Island. Unimpressed with her townie ways, he makes it clear she's got a lot to prove.

Island life has no room for secrets, but prickly Roddy's keeping something to himself. When his demanding ex girlfriend appears back on the island, Kate's budding friendship with her new boss comes to an abrupt end. What is Fiona planning - and can she be stopped before it's too late?

This funny, big-hearted novel is the perfect read for fans of Carole Matthews, Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde.

Because Kate doesn't have a home anymore and she's suddenly single after being in a relationship for a very long time she decides to take a job on the island Auchenmore. She doesn't know what the job entitles entirely, but it includes a home and a change of scenery which is exactly what she needs. Soon Kate starts to make friends with the locals, the only one she can't quite figure out is her boss Roddy. Being the Laird of the Island and her boss Kate gets to see quite a lot of him, but he isn't easy to read.
Sealed with a Kiss is a fantastic book! I loved the main characters, the romance and the funny atmosphere. Kate isn't a perfect having it all together heroine, her bloopers are hilarious. She's also kind, resourceful and impulsive. I really liked the descriptions of the island life, nature and the peace and quiet. Part of the appeal of the story for me was the importance of friendship. I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this book. It's absolutely wonderful.

May 28, 2014

A drink with Gina

I wore this floral skater dress to work yesterday. On Tuesday evenings I always go to Jada, but before that I went to a wine bar with Gina to have a drink. She wanted to talk to me, or more accurately she wanted to ask me something. She's told Trevor it's over between them. He didn't take it very well, he mainly cried, poor him. They didn't have a huge fight and he's staying with his parents until Gina's found somewhere else to live. She asked me if she could move into Stella's place for a while until she's found something of her own. She doesn't want to rush into her new relationship (yes, they're officially together now!) with Lester by moving in with him straight away. I sent a text message to my friend and Stella offered her apartment straight away. I've virtually hugged her for being so generous. Tomorrow I'm going to help Gina and the girls with their packing.

Book club talk: The Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong

 On Monday night it's book club night. I'm so happy I've met my study group and that we've started doing this. This week we went to Nolan's apartment where we had a cocktail night. His place is absolutely stunning. He has an artistic side he's never talked about and his whole apartment is one big mural. He's painted his favorite fairytales and fantasy characters on his walls. He's also told us he's going to medieval fairs and he loves reenacting. It's a whole new side of him we've only just discovered. We're all still getting to know each other and I'm glad things are going so well.
This time Christie brought her favorite books. She loves the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. I really liked those books too. Every strong and stubborn heroine is awesome. Christie's favorite is Elena, it was love at first sight when she read Bitten. The final, thirteenth book, is such a wonderful finale. We spent quite some time talking about magic and daring heroines and heroes.
 Evenings like this always make me think about what I would like to write myself if I'd ever try to come up with a fairytale or fantasy story. I wasn't the only one. We've shared our ideas and agreed that we're going to use our summer to all write a novel that has to be about magic. I already have a general idea about what my story should be and I can't wait to start. First I have another book to finish though, actually we all do.

Facts about Lavender part 2

The last thing I bought is this Lily Lolo Lash Alert mascara. I love trying out new make up brands and I often chose natural or bio cosmetics.

The last book I bought is Love Me for Me by Jenny Hale which I purchased as an e-book on Amazon.

I love lemon muffins! I've got a sweet tooth and like almost everything that has fruit in it.

I admire tigers, because of their grace and elegance. Their eyes are really beautiful. Of course I would never dare to go near one. I'm not a very brave person.

May 27, 2014

Rian's Dilemma

I borrowed this Burberry dress from Dawn. I really enjoyed wearing it, but I've already said my goodbyes. This one has to go back to my sister. She let me borrow it, so I could wear it to an event at school yesterday. An important politician came to tell us about dividing budgets and requesting funds. It was really interesting. Because it was quite a big deal that he came to our school a lot of the staff and several of their influential guests were present. This was the perfect time to increase my network. Before yesterday it was practically nonexistent, so I had to do my best to at least exchange a few business cards. I've met some interesting people, but I didn't feel very comfortable. I'm a bookish girl who doesn't feel at ease among a crowd like that. I needed to do my best to be social and I think I've done an OK job, but that didn't mean I had to like it.
Rian received several job requests. Someone has asked him to work for one of the largest media companies in the country. It means he'd have to give up teaching, but also that he won't have time anymore to write his books. The salary is great and it's a wonderful opportunity, but he likes his current situation very much. I'm curious to see what he's going to decide. It would mean summer school with someone else for me, so I hope he'll stay.  

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Hunger for nourishment.
Hunger for touch.
Hunger to belong.
Half-human and half-faery, Ani is driven by her hungers.
Those same appetites also attract powerful enemies and uncertain allies, including Devlin. He was created as an assassin and is brother to the faeries' coolly logical High Queen and to her chaotic twin, the embodiment of War. Devlin wants to keep Ani safe from his sisters, knowing that if he fails, he will be the instrument of Ani's death.
Ani isn't one to be guarded while others fight battles for her, though. She has the courage to protect herself and the ability to alter Devlin's plans—and his life. The two are drawn together, each with reason to fear the other and to fear for one another. But as they grow closer, a larger threat imperils the whole of Faerie. Will saving the faery realm mean losing each other?
Alluring romance, heart-stopping danger, and sinister intrigue combine in the penultimate volume of Melissa Marr's New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. In Radiant shadows Ani is being tested to find out what her blood can do exactly. She's a half-faerie, but not a regular one. She has to live with constant hunger, because she needs so many different kinds of nourishment. Devlin, Sorcha's assassin, had to kill Ani when she was just a little girl. He didn't obey his maker's order's though. Because of Rae, a dream walker who knew Devlin had to fulfill three wishes when she asked him to, Ani's still alive. The faerie courts are having problems with one another and suddenly Ani finds herself in the middle of it. The question is if she will be able to solve her problems. Will Devlin be able to stay by her side?
Radiant Shadows is a wonderfully twisted love story. Ani is sweet, strong and resourceful. She always fights her way out of things. Something is missing in her life and she doesn't feel like she belongs. I liked the combination of vulnerability and fierceness in her character. Devlin keeps his emotions to himself, but when he meets Ani something changes within him. To see him grow and develop was really great. This book is a real page turner, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Because of the back stabbing, intrigues, sibling fights and unusual romance this was a very interesting read.

New books from iTunes!

 I've bought some new books this week and can't wait to read them!

Sunday Evening Lounging

Because of Calvin I've started to relax a little bit more. He loves to spend time at home just talking and cuddling. When he was done working on Sunday he brought a bottle of bubbles and some left over food to my place. We bought put on something comfortable and I chose to wear those cheerful yellow joggers from Lipsy. Even if I'm lounging on my own sofa I want to wear something nice.
I'm finally learning more about Calvin and his life. He's actually a sensitive guy who cares about other people a lot. He wants to introduce me to his friends which is a big deal for him. I'm nervous already and hope they will like me. He's already told me so much about them. Calvin has three very good friends. I've learned that he doesn't let people come close very easily. It takes time for him to let someone in. He's outgoing, but that doesn't mean everybody is his friend.

May 26, 2014

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Because we can't be together on Friday evenings anymore I'm now having regular Sunday morning breakfasts with Lizzy and Jenna. This time we met at Jenna's place. Calvin usually works on Sundays, so after staying the night at my place we both went our separate ways in the morning. Jenna made these fantastic German apple pancakes using a Williams-Sonoma recipe. She also ordered some of their fantastic cake supplies and is very much in love with them.
As I didn't know exactly what has happened between my friends I now heard their version. When they were hanging out with the four of them the atmosphere was tense and after a while Louise couldn't take it anymore and she snapped. Naomi and Louise are angry because they weren't supportive enough. They didn't call, they never offered any help and they kept ignoring the whole Garry situation. Unfortunately we all know Louise and Naomi are right. Jenna and Lizzy are feeling very sorry. They didn't know what to do, especially not after being so mean to Naomi when they thought she'd wrecked Louise's relationship, so they did nothing. They want things to be right again, but how can you undo something as big as that? I agree with Naomi and Louise and think they deserved something better. Still, I want to remain friends with Jenna and Lizzy very much and nobody seems to mind that I want to keep seeing all four of them.
We gave each other an update about our lives and our boyfriends and we kept the rest of our get together light and fun. They aren't surprised that things are going so well between Calvin and me. Apparently there always has been a noticeable chemistry between us. Dan has moved into Jenna's apartment, but we didn't get to see him, because he was filming somewhere. His stuff is all there though, so I could clearly notice his presence. Lizzy brought the invite to her engagement party. I can't believe she'll be getting married in a few months! I'm going to be a maid of honor together with Jenna. She's officially asked us and I'm so excited!

Saturday Night Dinner!

On Saturday night we finally had a family dinner again. Since Jason and Sandy have started their big trip we haven't been together anymore. Calvin was invited too and because of Seth we decided to go to Dawn's place. That way he could join us as long as he was able to. Of course I was allowed to shop in Dawn's closet for something to wear. I chose this floral Max Mara Weekend dress, because I really like the colors!
I won't allow Dawn to help when I'm at her place on a Saturday. While she chatted with my father, my mother, Calvin and I prepared dinner. My parents have met Calvin only once while we were roommates. He used to work nights and weekends and I already worked during the day, so we hardly ever met each other's guests. Fortunately so far everyone seems to like him. It was an easy and enjoyable night. Very different from my normal Saturday evenings, but I didn't mind that at all.

The Daisy Picker by Roisin Meaney

Lizzie seems to have it all: loving parents, a nice creative sideline in mouth-watering cakes, and the most eligble man in Kilmorris waiting to marry her. But one day she stumbles across something that will change her life, and soon she's chucked a backpack into her car and set off into the Wild West - of Ireland, that is - in search of adventure.

She's in for a few surprises - there's sexy Pete for a start, a charming new home, true friendship and an offer that will make her sweet dreams a reality. She begins to think that things could hardly be more perfect.

And then she meets Joe, who's about to turn her life upside down…

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Lizzie has a comfortable life, living with her parents while waiting for her fiance, Tom, to finally marry her. When she has to wait for her dentist appointment she starts reading a magazine. She stumbles upon an article that changes her whole view on life. She decides to leave her job, say goodbye to her parents and she calls off her engagement. Lizzie drives along the coast and when she stops in Merway for the night she likes the town enough to stay. It is here that her life actually begins.
Lizzie wants to bake for a living and I loved the food talk in this book. The Daisy Picker is such a sweet story. I enjoyed reading it very much. Lizzie's 41 years old and she doesn't have much life experience. She's a very likable person, because she's kind and caring. This is a book about friendship and helping each other out. It's a simple and friendly story. The easy atmosphere made it such a wonderful read.

May 25, 2014

Full House by Maeve Binchy

Dee loves her children very much, but now they are all grown up, shouldn't they leave home?

Rosie moved out when she got married, but it didn't work out, so now she is back with her parents. Helen is a teacher, and doesn't earn enough for a place of her own. Anthony writes songs, and is just waiting for the day when someone will pay him for them. Until then, all three are happy at home. It doesn't cost them anything, and surely their parents like having a full house?

When a crisis occurs, Dee decides things have to change for the whole family ... whether they like it or not.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Dee and Liam are having their three children, who are in their twenties, still at home. They are living there for free and let Dee do all the cooking and cleaning. When Liam loses his job they won't have enough money to keep their home if nobody else contributes. Something has to be done and when the children don't want to listen to Dee she comes up with a plan to change things at home.
I liked Dee's plan and her children really needed to become aware that they were behaving like spoiled brats. I always love Maeve Binchy's writing. The wonderful atmosphere only she can create was there again. This is a short story, but it's so much fun to read. I really enjoyed it.

Book talk: Being ill

 Every now and then I read a book about someone who has been very ill. In Welcome to Biscuit Land the writer, Jessica Thom, has Tourette Syndrome. She's got it in the worst possible way, but she's so positive and funny. Lisa Lynch has written about her fight against breast cancer in an open and honest way. Unfortunately she has lost that fight and she's passed away. I think many people will miss this brilliant author. In Brain on Fire Susannah Cahalan has to fight her way back from a terrible brain inflammation. Alice Peterson was on her way to become a tennis pro when rheumatoid arthritis messed up her plans. She's had it in such a severe way that it put her whole life on hold and she was severely handicapped. Medical science wasn't what it is today at that point. All of these women are so brave and I admire them greatly. It isn't easy to find the strength to write a book about the most vulnerable parts of yourself. All of these books are must reads written by women who have showed a lot of courage. They are a great support for those who are in the same boat or who have a different illness and can relate to their struggles. But also when you haven't been very ill yourself you should read these books. The stories are all beautiful and well written and they help making the world a little more caring and understanding. They also show that there's always hope and that you can be happy even when life is tough.

A demonstration for Dawn's customers

On Saturday at lunch time Dawn needed me for a demonstration of her products. She had a double booking and asked me if I would be able to take one. Of course I said yes, but I was so nervous. I wore my new Take It From The Rooftop dress and Dawn did my make up for me. I had to sell biological cosmetics to a group of women in their fifties. I had to go to a lovely, romantic home with a beautiful garden filled with flowers. The women were drinking cocktails and their food of choice was pie, chocolate, cookies and cake. The atmosphere was cheerful and happy. The products more or less sold themselves because of all the booze. Soon I had a cocktail in my hand and they insisted I would drink it. Then they started to ask me all kinds of questions about my life. They were such a close and merry group of friends. I sold quite many products and had a great time.

May 24, 2014

Breakfast with my mother in law

I love yellow and was very happy to discover this And Many More Dress on ModCloth. This morning I got up quite early, because Calvin had to work. He took me with him to one of his tea shops and there his mother was waiting to have breakfast with me. Something they had previously arranged without telling me. It was a nice surprise and I was happy to see her again! His mother is such a sweet woman. Her name is Marie and she's originally from Brussels. When Calvin brought us both a piece of chocolate cake we started to talk about baking and pies. She loves it as much as I do. Being from Belgium baking with chocolate is her absolute favorite. I think I'm going to take some lessons from her too.

Friday Night with Naomi and Louise

I wore this Tiered Garden dress on Friday evening. It was time for another night with my friends. I missed last week, because I was helping out my uncle and aunt, but I try to spend every Friday I can with my group of kindergarten friends. The sad thing is though that we're now officially not a group anymore. Last Friday the four of them were together and there has been a big fall out between Naomi and Louise on one side and Jenna and Lizzy on the other. I don't want to choose between my friends and it seems like they're fine with that. Unfortunately no group evenings will take place again. So much has happened during the past couple of months, this was more or less inevitable, but it makes me really sad. Not only the fight itself, but also that nobody told me before tonight. I let Naomi and Louise know that I didn't appreciate it. They assured me it wasn't intentional, they didn't know how to tell me and wanted to do it personally. I hope I won't end up being the third wheel on both sides.
I still had a pretty good night. Naomi has made some new friends at her art course. One of them works at a vegetarian restaurant and she made reservations for the three of us. Her friend was our sever for the night and she's really nice. The food was delicious too and I didn't miss meat or fish at all. I loved it! Afterwards we stayed for a drink with the staff and they showed me around in the kitchen. The cook is a woman named Franka and she offered me a a personal vegetarian cooking class one night. I can't wait!

The Spook's Alice by Joseph Delaney

A lot of dark stuff happened when I was young that I‘ve never even told to my dearest friend, Tom Ward. Dark and scary things I hoped I had left behind forever . . .

Over the years, Alice has fought evil side by side with the Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward. But now Alice is alone – in the realm of the dark. And the creatures she has helped to banish there, now have the chance to take their revenge. Alice must seek the final weapon needed to destroy the Fiend for good. If she fails, the world will fall into despair and darkness. If she succeeds, it means facing her own death at the hands of her dearest friend. But can she prevent the darkness from overtaking her over completely . . . ?

The penultimate instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles follows Alice, Thomas Ward’s loyal companion, to the most terrifying place of all.
I borrowed the summary from Joseph Delaney's website. Tom needs a weapon that has been hidden under the Feind's throne and Alice needs to enter the dark to retrieve it for him. When she's there she meets Thorne, Grimalkin's former trainee, who has been killed at the end of I am Grimalkin. Thorne offers to help Alice and together they're starting the difficult search. On their way they have to face many new and old enemies.
It was wonderful to read a Spook's book with Alice as the main character. I've always loved reading about her and this book was no disappointment. The story is about her quest in the dark, but part of it is also about her past. It was an interesting read with a lot of gore and gruesome monsters. I enjoyed this book immensely and am very curious to see how the story will continue.

May 23, 2014


I already told him I couldn't come once, so when Edward called me yesterday early in the evening to tell me that I really should come to his dinner party I wasn't very happy, but I agreed. It's hard to say no to my boss. I bought this cute floral dress on ModCloth and decided it would be perfect for the occasion. I kept my fingers crossed that Lester wouldn't be there, but that was in vain, because Edward had invited him. 
Edward said that he called me last minute, because then I couldn't say no. He had already noticed something was not right between me and Lester and he didn't want that to come between us. When I went to the kitchen to help Victoria with desert I told her about Calvin and she immediately called Edward to tell him the good news. Next time I have to bring him, because she would love to meet him. I expected they would be very disappointed in me for not trying harder with Lester, so this was a big relief. I told them what happened between me and Lester and that he's more or less dating my married friend now. They want him to be happy and that's their main interest, but they've got exactly the same wish for me.
Of course I stayed with them way too long. We had such a good time drinking pink champagne in the garden. This time I didn't stay over though. Calvin lives at walking distance. I never walk home alone, so Lester asked if he could accompany me. It gave us a chance to talk. He apologized and I told him that as far as I'm concerned everything is fine between us. You can't help falling in love with someone. I told him about Calvin. They've met and briefly shook hands when Calvin opened the door.
It was a good night, with a perfect ending. Not much later I fell asleep peacefully in the arms of my boyfriend.

Facts About My Father

My father's name is Henry, he's 64 years old. He's been married to my mother for 35 years. Even though he was working at a bakery when he was a student he can't bake at all. My father is the owner of a small real estate business. They are located in several bigger villages and two cities. He's been quite successful and even though he has retired other people are still running his business for him. My brother Jason might follow in his footsteps.
My father has several hobbies. I've been raised in a house filled with books, because both of my parents love to read. My father's favorite book is Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières which is Closely followed by Captain Corelli's Mandoline. My father often goes horse riding. He has two horses. My parents have redecorated their barn so they can have parties there, but they have kept their stables. Besides his horses my father also owns two goats, three sheep and several chickens. He calls himself a hobby farmer. He can often be found in his vegetable garden with the small green house. He is someone who likes to be outside and he gets nervous when he needs to stay in and sit down for a long time.
 My father's favorite drink is Irish coffee. He's happiest when he can eat blueberry jam cake or a delicious trifle to go with that. Every now and then he smokes a big cigar. I've inherited my romantic streak from both him and my mother. My father often surprises her with flowers, jewelry, perfume, scarfs, restaurant reservations and expensive bottles of wine. He's an outgoing person and he loves to talk. That can go very far, because he talks to everyone he sees, even if they are complete strangers.
My father has no sisters, he only has five brothers. Four of them are married to good friends of my mother. The fifth brother has passed away as a result of a traffic accident in his early twenties. My father still misses him every day. 
My father once cut off the larger part of his left pinky when he was trying to make a casserole. They couldn't put it back on. Not long after that he almost set the house on fire while trying to bake some pasta. Since then my mother doesn't allow him to go anywhere near the kitchen anymore. Even the barbecue is off limits. Which is for the best, because he once burned his wrist pretty badly and he always ruined the meat. Playing the perfect host on every get together is a much more suited task. My father loves life and enjoys everything good that comes his way.

Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice

Pobby and Dingan live in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, the opal capital of Australia. They are friends with Kellyanne Williamson, the daughter of a miner: indeed only she can see them. Pobby and Dingan are imaginary. Ashmol Williamson, Kellyanne's brother thinks his sister should grow up and stop being such a fruit loop - until the day when Pobby and Dingan disappear. As Kellyanne, grief-stricken, begins to fade away, Ashmol recruits the whole town in the search for Pobby and Dingan. In the end, however, he discovers that only he can find them, and he can only find them if he too begins to believe they are real.
I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Kellyanne has two very dear friends. Their names are Pobby and Dingan and they are wherever she is. They are imaginary friends, but everybody around her seems to believe in them. Only her brother Ashmol doesn't. When Kellyanne leaves Pobby and Dingan in the care of her father one day they disappear. Without her friends by her side she's becoming very ill. To save his sister Ashmol tries to find Pobby and Dingan, but to be able to do that he has to believe they're real.
Pobby and Dingan isn't a very long story, but it's a beautiful tale about love and family. Kellyanne and Ashmol are great children. The story is unusual and original and I read it in one go. I wanted to know if Ashmol would be able to find Pobby and Dingan again. The bond between the brother and his sister is the main strength of this book. I really liked this sad and impressive story.

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