Apr 22, 2014

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

One of the most popular children’s books ever written, The Secret Garden is the story of the orphaned Mary Lennox whose life is changed when she discovers a secret on her uncle’s estate. Forced to live with her uncle after the death of her parents Mary is initially rude and selfish until she stumbles upon the fenced off garden once maintained by her dead aunt. While attempting to return the garden to it’s former glory – and with the help of her young friend Dickon and the gardener Ben – Mary finds her own attitude softening. Her new refuge turns out not only to be her salvation but offers hope to her mourning uncle and her disabled cousin Colin. A touching story, Burnett’s book is still enjoyed by children and adults a century after its initial publication.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. When illness strikes Mary has nobody left in India and she's forced to go to England where she has to live with her uncle. She isn't supposed to be in his way and there's nothing to do in his big house, so she's forced to go outside and make something of her days.
The Secret Garden is such a sweet and wonderful book. I loved Mary's transformation. She becomes  a girl you just have to love. Dickon's a great boy and Colin just needs a little bit of help to be brave. The garden sounds so alive and pretty, it's like a living person and a main character of the story. This classic made me very happy and I'm so glad I read it. It's a story for children, but I can recommend it to everyone. We all want to experience joy and happiness from time to time, don't we?

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