Apr 1, 2014

Seeing Ben on April Fool's Day

I love bears, so today I'm wearing this wonderful Dianewednesday shirt. I also wore it to my lunch with Ben. He asked me if we could see each other for an hour. Of course I can't say no to seeing Ben, so I happily agreed to meet him in a cute little lunchroom which serves delicious sandwiches. Ben told me that the past couple of weeks have been a test. To see how much I really care about his son. That's obviously the case so tomorrow he will bring Samuel again and we'll have a normal Wednesday date. I have no idea what to think of this? Is it a prank or is he for real? Either way, I don't like it. Of course tomorrow I can't tell him that because Samuel will be with him and he told me just before he left which is very sneaky of him. I'm starting to realize that Ben is a complicated man. The question is how am I going to deal with that? 

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